The Luxury TRAVEL
NFT Collection

Join the Tribe of Conscious travelers

Enjoy conscious world-wide traveling services and luxury experiences at the best rates while being an agent of change contributing to the ecosystems preservation.


Our purpose is to disrupt the way we travel eliminating intermediaries and become a bridge between travel and luxury experiences enthusiasts with the NFT world.

Receive immediate IRL benefits by belonging to a like-minded community that enjoy caring, traveling, exploring, and protecting our planet earth and its species.



Meet our Genesis Drop

Gorilla Luxury Tribe


May 2023

Mint DAte

ETH 0.1

Starting Public Price:


Up to 800 NFts (Oficcially Closed)

Early Presale (Closed)
Presale WL only + 1 free airdrop

For tribers

Exclusive travel and lifestyle benefits are within your reach

01. Travel outlet Tripflix Platform

Save up to 75%

Enjoy traveling around the world at clean fares saving thousands of dollars.

Tripflix is private access to book hotels, flights, packages, cruises, car rentals, and tours at a wholesale price.

JTTribe is offering all NFT holders the ability to access their credentials, so all holders will never have to book with a middleman travel agent and pay high commissions.

The provident rates are directly from the global distribution systems that work with Tripflix in real-time and are available to be booked instantly.

02. Yacht membership pass

JTTribe holders will enjoy unlimited yatch rentals, up to 50% off on 40 to 60 ft yatchs in Cancun, Riviera Maya, Cozumel, Los Cabos y Punta Cana.

Luxury Yacht Mexico will provide our holders with unforgettable onboard experiences. They have 20 years of experience, passion for the sea, and a yacht fleet with the highest level 

03. E-local pass in Riviera Maya

The JTT community will receive up to 50% off lifetime discounts in hundreds of restaurants, shops, services, tours, night clubs, bars, concerts, shows, & entertainment.

Located in Quintana Roo, the #1 tourist state in Mexico. Where you can find destinations such as Cancun, Tulum, Playa del Carmen, Cozumel, Isla Mujeres & Puerto Morelos, among others.

04. Wellness pass at Pueblo SacBe Playa del Carmen

Sacbe, sustainable & Soul Wellness Center at Playa del Carmen. Preferential prices for JTTribe holders. You will have special treatment and 70% off from Tourist public rates.

Ancient medicine ceremonies, acroyoga, cacao ceremony, sound healing, private cenotes and among many others.

01. Travel outlet Tripflix Platform

Save up to 60%

Enjoy traveling around the world at clean rates saving thousands of dollars.

Jump all intermediaries such online travel agencies & book yourself hotels, flights, packages, cruises, car rentals, and tours eliminating high commissions.

The provident rates are directly from the GDS (Global Distribution System) work in real-time, and are available to be booked instantly. Get the same rates that expedia or booking purchases.

03. E-local pass in Riviera Maya

The JTT community will receive up to 50% off lifetime discounts in hundreds of restaurants, shops, services, tours, night clubs, bars, shows & entertainment in riviera maya destinations such as Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Tulum.


Partnership with

The future
of JTTribe

Next collections of 21 Endangered species base characters, WITH UNPARALLELED BENEFITS FOR our community.

$JERS token, reward and referral credits, profits of real estate vacation rental business and courtesy Caribbean cruises

Meet the


Coming Soon…

stake Gorillas to get $JERS

1 $JERS per day

$JERS will be swapped for JTT-SAVE a virtual currency used for the staking process. You can Stake your $JERS by loctking up any amount as JTT-SAVE for a period between 28 and 2888 days.

Stake accrues rewards every day that will compound, and the amount of yield depends on the length of your Stake.

01. Real estate vacation rental businesses

We will manage & develop three vacation rental businesses for the community. Two of them in Tulum and one in diving paradise Cozumel Island

JTTribe NFT holders will enjoy part of the profits of the real-life real estate vacation rental businesses.

02. Travel and earn reward credits

Travel reward credits and referral credits: a program that rewards you for taking a vacation and your friend’s vacations, redeem your credits for discounts, full-paid travel or gift cards.

Exchanges your $JERS for travel rewards or monetize your $JERS for shopping online with gift cards

03. Share & Earn…send savings, receive rewards

04. Courtesy Caribbean Cruise Trip

05. App Play & Earn rewards

Meet the
JTT Team


Founder & CEO


Co-Founder & COO


Co-Founder & CGO


Co-Founder & 3D artist


Web3 project manager


Head Marketing


Sustainability Advisor & Operation


Story creator and writer

Monarchy NFT

Discord Moderator


Discord Moderator


Discord Admin


JTTribe is a mix of creative businessmen and entrepreneurs who have always been committed to serving the common good. Through our NFT, we will deliver value by developing real-life utility, such as access to the world of travel and luxury experiences, co-ownership of real estate, etc. All of this, combined with a vision that seeks sustainability for our world 

We want to build a world where any travel provider has decentralized open-source resources that allows them to establish a direct connection with their communities.

We have been clear about the current problem with travel agencies and what we are here to solve. JTTribe responsibility is to alert the traveling community that traditional trips are unfair and that they can empower the environment and their community while traveling.

We aim to disrupt with an excellent purpose simultaneously; they will be saving mother earth. The limitations amongst absolute centralized online travel agencies (OTAs) known as the OTA Duopoly today are disrupted by JUSTRAVELERS TRIBE through web 3 community

Our inaugural collection invites you to become one of the earliest members of the JTTRIBE. The JTTRIBE ethos is clear: we aim to serve as a conduit between travel enthusiasts who seek to indulge in luxury experiences, engage in profitable business, and become a part of the thriving NFT world.

In a landscape dominated by highly centralized online travel agencies (OTAs), often referred to as the OTA Duopoly, JUSTRAVELERS TRIBE offers a disruptive alternative. Our mission is to connect investors and travelers, fostering a sustainable symbiosis in utility for their digital assets. We provide exclusive travel rates and high-quality real-world tourism services.

At JTTRIBE, we envision a world where the conservation and welfare of all living beings can thrive through regenerative global tourism. By being part of our tribe, you have the chance to contribute to conserving 21 threatened or endangered animal species through your unique experiences.

Join us as we embark on this journey to redefine the travel industry and make a positive impact on the world. Be a part of JTTRIBE, where travel meets luxury, business, and most importantly, conservation.

We strongly believe that the basis of any community should be trust and transparency combined with long-term commitment. Therefore, we are a team whose background can be known openly, which supports our commitment to the project.

We are a hard-working, family-oriented team with more than 20 years of evident career showing the world our real names, addresses, emails, phone numbers, social media accounts, etc. We know it is effortless to hide identities in the crypto world, so we want to be 100% transparent with the community. We are a fully doxxed team.

Web3: ETH & CROSSMINT / WEB2: Paypal, Debit & Credit Card

1.- Follow Twitter @JTTribeNFT 2.- Join Discord 3.-Open a ticket and mention this code TRIBER-1000 and get a WL TRIBE LIST 2 ROLE ( limited to 1000 spots )

Take a look at our Official Links for more info. You can also know more about the project here and also Twitter Spaces.

Also you can find our white paper here:

As a Gorilla Luxury Tribe Holder you will be able to access multiple benefits such as: 🎢tripflix-travel-platform luxury-yacht-benefits 🧱the-minecraft-hosting 🌱sacbe-wellness-center 🌟elocalpass-benefits 💸boomerang-reward-credits 

IMPORTANT: You can only access all the services if you are a holder. Once you sell your NFT, you will no longer benefit from any service provided.

JTTribe is listed on Open Sea, you can find OS link on the upper menu.

The Collection will have 8% of Royalties. % of Royalties will be used in different ways such as development, keeping the project running for a long term,and spreading education about WEB3 in countries like Mexico, regions of south America and endangered species matters.

JTTribe ists based on the Mexican Caribbean, Riviera Maya on the city of Playa del Carmen, state of Quintana Roo, most of our web 2 team lives in that area however our web 3 team lives in Mexico City, Sri Lanka, USA , Spain, Africa, Philippines and turkey due to the more reasonable pricing.
There is a wide variety of world-class sustainable projects like Gorillae Gang NFT, PETGAS, TulumCoin, Tulum Crypto Fest, Moto TULUM, NFT LAB CLUB, Tulum Crypto Club, Papaya NFT, among others.

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